The Growing Caterpillar

Prenatal, Pediatric and Geriatric Care

About Corazon G. 

Corazon was born in Manhattan, New York and is a mother to two children Sarah and Angelo.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. John's University with a concentration in Liberal Studies.  

In 2011, she became a childbirth educator and labor assistant after the birth of her daughter and has since then participated in over 175 birth deliveries.  Her experiences include many pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and still births. 

Corazon has provided care to over 100 infants and toddlers in her home, privately and in daycare centers.   Her expertise and knowledge are rooted deep from experience, traveling and her own upbringing.  

Corazon is a contributor and brand partner with Family Time Explorers hosting #CorasCorner where she answers questions and offers advice to expecting parents and Parents and Baby TV

In 2019, Corazon became a Licensed Certified Nurse Assistant specializing in pediatrics and geriatric care in New York State. 

Corazon enjoys to cook, take walks in the park, spend family time, attends Mass regularly with her children, and is apart of an adult choir. 

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